Cirque du Grande Céleste
22 rue Paul Meurice 075020 Paris. 19th arr.

On the outskirts of Paris, in a small lot off rue Paul Maurice, the Cirque du Grande Céleste is housed modestly in two blue circus tents. Though humble in appearance, the circus is grand entertainment for people of all ages.(Affiche soruce: www.grandceleste.com).

At the circus (from left to right): Carly, Nasheed, Noelle, Isabelle, Arnaud, Sophie, Eva, and Eugenia

Inside the main performing tent, the smell of kerosene from the overhanging lamps lent to the circus mood, preparing the spectators for what was to come. Each act in the circus was performed wonderfully from beginning to end. It featured a contortionist, an acrobat, a fire dancer, a juggler with a penchant for riding unicycles, and of course, a clown. One of the more original segments showcased what can only be described as a living beanbag performing tricks for the clown in a parody of the lion tamer routine. A live jazz/rock band maintained the intensity of the show, providing a unifying theme to the circus. All in all, the Cirque du Grande Céleste was a joy.