Adresse : 47, rue des Écoles. 5e arr.
Métro : Cluny (10)

The Sorbonne dates back to the 13th century and is the oldest university in Paris. Its presence and the numerous students in the area who would speak the scholarly language of Latin in the streets gave the area the name The Latin Quarter. The Sorbonne is also known as the University of Paris IV and gives degrees in fields such as language and social sciences. The buildings are lavishly decorated, but can only be seen from the street unless you are a student. We were lucky enough to have Charlotte, who goes to the Sorbonne, show us the courtyard, which is usually off limits to visitors.


Adresse : Place du Panthéon. 5e arr.
Métro : Cardinal Lemoine (10) or Luxembourg (B)

Just around the corner from the Sorbonne is another institution, the Panthéon. Originally a church dedicated to the patron saint of Paris, Sainte-Geneviève, the Panthéon turned into a “church” dedicated to the “grands hommes,” such as Mirabeau, Voltaire (see picture), Rousseau, and Marat. The intellectual side of the Panthéon is mostly contained underground in the crypts, while the tribute to Geneviève remains on the many paintings all around the interior walls of the building. The outside of the building is very impressive, with the large dome and columned entrance, visible from all the way down the rue Soufflot near the jardin du Luxembourg, due to the large street and open place surrounding the Panthéon.