Musée Jaquemard André
158, bd Haussmann 75008 PARIS.
8e arr.

Now a museum of art, this building used to be the home of the art amateurs and collectors, A. Jaquemard et J. Andre. The couple traveled to Italy almost every year, and each time they returned with another chef-d'oeuvre, which at the end, resulted in a rich collection of Renaissance paintings and objects of art. The main attraction of the museum at the time we went, was an exhibit "Napoleon et ses trèsors." There were different historical documents, medallions and porte-cigars with the image of the grand emperor, his portraits and cups with precious stones. One of the exhibits I especially liked, was the gorgeous costume of the empress Josephine: a delicate dress with a high waist-line, decorated with golden ornaments, and a long mantle of beautiful combination of red, black and white (and then all the girls in our group sighed: oh! why weren't we born at that time to be able to wear the dresses like that one!) The last room of the exhibit was dedicated to the end of life of Napoleon, including his last letters, portraits, clothes, and much more. Our eyes momentarily caught the most exciting piece in the room: the mortal masque of the face of the breathless body of Napoleon. Its thin and elegant traits kept the majesty of a great emperor.