A la Recherche de Joséphine

A la Recherche de Joséphine 
Looking for Joséphine
(Jérôme Savary)

Contrary to what most of us had expected going into the show, Looking for Joséphine was not really an homage to the life of Joséphine Baker. Instead, the story began in New Orleans, where a French director was trying to find a young singer to play the role of Joséphine Baker in his "Revue Nègre" production. Hence, the premise of this stage show focused on the history of jazz and was a tribute to New Orleans.

The show was beautifully executed and showcased a multitalented cast who, in addition to singing and dancing the entire time, could also tap dance, play other instruments, and dance in drag, all of which was incredibly impressive. Several numbers really engaged the audience, and the cast members were not afraid to meander through the aisles of the theater. Political sentiments aside, we all agreed that it was a fun musical production.


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