L'Importance d'Etre Constant

L'Importance d'Etre Constant 
The Importance of Being Earnest
(Oscar Wilde) 

I may be biased by the fact that this is my all-time favorite play, but this was my favorite theatrical experience in Paris. Originally, I was hesitant because this show was a translation of the play. But then, while following the footsteps of Dumas, I stumbled across the theatre and looked at the production photos, which convinced me to go see this play.

The production was sumptuous—there is no other way to describe it. The costumes were luxurious, Victorian-styled gowns and the sets, while there were only two, were intricate in detail. They left out nothing that Wilde noted in his script, and the actors seemed to be born to play their parts. The theatre also set up an exhibition of articles about Oscar Wilde from his lifetime to the modern day to fully complete the evening.

— Anya

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