Les Soirées


Kiss Touch

Friday night we went out to a typical French soirée. We went to a bar and started out with some apéritifs, or cocktails. After that we went to a club. By the end of the night it was packed and they were playing very good music. You should not leave Paris without going out to a club at least once.


La Croisière sur la Seine


On our last day in Paris we went to a dinner through the Seine. We went into a boat that took us around the Seine River as we ate dinner. It was unforgettable. Apart form the fact that the dinner was very good, we got to see from a different perspective all the different things and buildings we had already seen. It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip.


At the end of the evening, a band started playing and we got an opportunity to observe our guides' dancing styles. Sophie was very enthusiastic, Emilie was classy, and though Vincent was reticent, we got him onto the dance floor by the end. United in spirit by two weeks of touring, the whole group did The Twist in front of the Eiffel tower.