January Scholars 2003

From left to right: Orlando Jaquez, Prof. Edward Turk, Sophie de la Rivière, Stephanie Claussen, Cristian Cadar, Tiffany Kanaga, Josh Mandel , Andy Nnewihe, Caglar Girit; at a café on the rue Vieille du Temple.

During IAP 2003, seven MIT undergraduates were invited to explore Paris through January Scholars in France. This all-expenses paid program allowed the students to totally immerse themselves in French language and Parisian culture through visits to museums, restaurants, theater, operas, and monuments. This program was also a special opportunity for MIT students to interact with the French in all aspects of Parisian life. During the two weeks of the program, January 11 - 27, 2003, the students resided in the Grand Hôtel Jeanne d'Arc in the Marais quarter. Edward Turk, professor of French and Film Studies, as well as a renowned writer, led the students in their expedition to France. Also guiding the students on the trip, Sophie de la Rivière of Université de Paris X presented an interesting collegiate perspective of French artwork and architecture. Furthermore, Sophie showed the students the bustling night life of Paris that makes it such a lively, avant-garde city.