Tracing Beaumarchais...

Part of our trip was dedicated to following in the footsteps of Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. One of the highlights of the program was attending Rossini's The Barber of Seville, an operatic adaptation of Beaumarchais's play, at the Opéra Bastille. In preparation for the show, each participant read and discussed the play. We completed our hommage by tracing Beaumarchais's life in our quartier, Le Marais...

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From left to right:
1. Statue of Beaumarchais in the Marais; 2. Bust of Beaumarchais at the Comédie- Fraçaise; 3. The Barber of Seville; 4. Interior - Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais.
From left to right:
5. Exterior - Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais; 6. Close-up - Door of Beaumarchais's House; 7. Beaumarchais Theater in the Marais; 8. Beaumarchais Theater.

From left to right:
9. Door of Beaumarchais's House; 10. Boulevard de Beaumarchais.