Chez Mulot et la Galette des Rois

Gerard Mulot is a popular bakery and patisserie located by the Marché Saint-Germain.

pastries at Chez Mulot

We stopped by Chez Mulot on our way back to the hotel to buy a galette des rois(Three Kings Cake). Eating a galette des rois is one of the most popular traditions in France that takes place in January every year to honor the Feast of Epiphany, the festival honoring the three wise men who visited the infant Jesus. A fève, a small plastic figurine, is hidden in the galette before baking. When the cake is cut, the youngest member of the group chooses who eats which piece. The lucky person who gets the fève is crowned king and chooses his queen among the other members of the group. Alona was asked to sit under the table as she chose who got to eat each piece. In the end, the owner of the hotel and Alicia were crowned king and queen for the day! (-Carmel)

king and queen of la galette des rois