This evening we went to dinner at Taghit.  Customers entering the restaurant are immediately greeted by an exotic scent of incense and spices.  Walking under giant, decorative curved elephant tusks, we found our seats at the back of this small and very dark restaurant.  Here we ate three varieties of couscous (white, orange, and green, though made from what I cannot say!) with many different meats and some tasty vegetable stew. 

Isabelle reading the review of Taghit
Isabelle reading a restaurant review of Taghit.

Taghit certainly has some items to please those looking for a gustatory adventure: certain dishes were spicy enough to make my eyes tear up.   On this day, I learned first hand that while in Paris, beware: the deceptively warmer-than-Boston weather will not prevent you from getting quite a chill! I wore several layers of clothing to dinner, but still spent most of the evening trying to defrost. (-Emilienne)