aligot - delicious mashed potatoes with cheese, a specialty of Auvergne

atermoyer - to procrastinate (This is not a common French word- in fact, Sophie did not know it. Our American friends taught us this word)

bercy - old slang for drunk (The quartier Bercy was named this because it was a wine market.)

un café - espresso (a coffee is a café crème or a café au lait- see more in Coffee)

une caisse- slang for car

coucou- cute informal way to say hi ("Coucou les filles!")

eau gazeuse vs. eau plat - bubbly (bottled) water vs. non-carbonated water (Especially amusing when Prof. Turk said, "Tu es aussi gazeuse?", intended to mean 'You also are having carbonated water?', but we interpreted as 'you are also gaseous?')

faire des cours (for etudier à l'university) - most French students say they 'attend classes' instead of saying they are students

flâner - to stroll (according to Vincent, the most important vocabulary word of the trip)

une folie - quickly constructed home, usually a vacation home

hôtel particulier - private mansion designed to welcome guests

un kir - classic aperitif made with cassis liqueur and white wine

un kir royal - our favorite kir, made with champagne and liqueur

poêlé - fried, sautéed

rive gauche/rive droite - left bank/right bank (Instead of referring to Northern or Southern Paris, the city is divided by the Seine- left bank, rive gauche, is the Southeast, and rive droite is the Northwest)


en fait
du coup