January Scholars 2012

During IAP 2012, eleven MIT students enrolled in 21F.314 “Topics in Interculturalism: France (Study Abroad)” spent two weeks in Paris with their professor Sabine Levet to explore  “Contemporary France through its Political Landscape.” The theme of JSF2012 was closely connected to the upcoming presidential and legislative elections in France, which will be held in May and June 2012. The class focused on the French political system, its institutions and its historical roots.

The program combined lectures by historians and scholars in Political Science, visits and interviews with government officials at Assemblée Nationale, Conseil d’Etat, Sénat, Conseil Constitutionnel and Mairie du 20ème arrondissement, as well as guided tours in Paris, Versailles and Reims.

We kept a daily blog during our two weeks in Paris: http://jsf2012.wordpress.com/

The group stayed at FIAP-Jean Monnet, in the 14th arrondissement (on the left bank, near Place Denfert-Rochereau), which is both a youth hostel and conference center with the mission of promoting “all initiatives contributing to the creation of a global citizenship.”


Un immense merci! Thank you!

We would like to thank first and foremost our generous anonymous donors, who made this amazing experience possible!

Many thanks to the people who shared their time and expertise, and answered our many questions:

Oliver Ruchet, Professor and Dean, Sciences Po Reims
Pacal Cauchy, Historian, Professor at Institut d’Etudes Politiques
Vincent Martigny, Political Scientist, Professor at Sciences Po
Alexandre Vespérini, Parliamentary Attaché, Assemblée Nationale
Terry Olson, Delegate, International Relations, Conseil d’Etat
Jean-Louis Hérin, Directeur de la séance, Sénat
Frédérique Calandra, Mayor of 20th arrondissement in Paris
Sophie de Loubens, Vincent Delaveau and Emilie Lacombe, our tour guides
Sabine Levet, our professor

Finally, thanks to Foreign Languages and Literatures, in particular Kristen Ferry, for arranging the details of our trip, and Jeff Pearlin, as well as the staff at FIAP-Jean Monnet.